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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose my first motorcycle?

The first thing a new rider wants to do is get a motorcycle. We tell you how to choose it and give recommendations for good first bikes.

How do I buy a motorcycle?

We provide some articles and other resources to assist you. The motorcycle magazines do a good job of testing most new motorcycle models. We give you an index to find these articles and certain online tests as well. We also have a User Reviews feature that allows our users to evaluate their own bikes so you can get their input.

Should I go to a major motorcycle rally?

New riders are continually branching out and riding farther. Many prefer to go to a rally to see other riders and motorcycles and to visit vendors for pin-striping, extra accessories, and chrome.

How do I maintain my bike?

Some riders choose to learn how to take care of their own bike. Others do some maintenance and let the shop do the rest. Still others let the shop do everything. We have provided some maintenance tips in our Resources FAQ. New tips will be provided from time-to-time. The Motorcycles Newsletter will keep you apprised of updates.

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